» Home Rules

Moodo Martial Art is the place for discipline.
Without proper Discipline your child will not advance to the next belt. 7 Home Rules must be followed by your child and confirmed by you.

  1. 7 Home Rules for the Child Martial Artist
  2. 1.I will answer my parents! "Yes, Mom", "Yes, Dad"
  3. 2.I will respect my parents, Teachers and Elders! "With Good Manner"
  4. 3.I will value my Brothers, Sisters and Friends! No Punching! No Kicking No Pushing! No Teasing!
  5. 4.I will keep my room neat and clean!
  6. 5.I will keep my hairs, body and teeth clean!
  7. 6.I will do my homework right away after school!
  8. 7.I will control watching TV, playing video games and internet!
  9. If I do not follow these rules, I will be reduced in rank.